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Easy Wheels are made from the best materials currently in use in today's aircraft industry.
No welding or nut & bolt linkages are used in this product, due to the fact that these systems
always cause maintenance problems. Original Easy Wheels have no margins and are maintenance free.

The flat-proof airless wheels are made of solid elastic rubber, which is vulcanized on the wheel; a elastic rubber compound borrowed from the automotive industry. This means that the wheels create an easy way to set the helicopter in motion and then have a low rolling resistance. This enables the helicopter to be easily moved  by one person.

Easy Wheels are the lightest wheels ever, starting at 5.3 kg/11.68 lb. The wheels, only 2 inches thick, facilitate an easy in-flight storage, because the handle(s) are in their overall length removable from the wheels.

The handles come in two different sizes. The long version for easy of use in the hangar and the short version allows for easy stowage during flight. Transporting just one handle during flight is adequate. The handle(s) are available in 2 material compositions; stainless steel or carbon fiber.

To prevent Easy Wheels to end up as unattended clutter on the hangar floor, a stainless steel storage system was specially developed, which fits one set of Easy Wheels R22 or R44/66 including two handles. It provides a clean and easy storage solution.