About me

My name is Fred Willems, born in 1953 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. After completing a technical education, I got a job as a business manager of an engineering company.

At the age of 47 after practicing my hobby with RC model helicopters, I choose to swap this hobby for the real helicopters. After one year of flying instructions and many nights of studying I obtained my official PPL. What a great experience!

Following this mile-stone I started a CPL training, and after another two years of discipline, studying and flying instructions I earned my CPL. I took a freelance job with a commercial heli operator in addition to my fulltime job as a business manager! After 10 years flying, I ended my career as helicopter pilot.

I retained my love of flying helicopters, and as an engineer I remain interested in improving helicopter support equipment and enjoy helping my fellow pilots make their flying experience as hassle free as possible.

During those 10 years I flew, I faced many problems with the helicopter ground handling wheels from a variety of producers. From flat tires, bent or broken axles, bent or broken handles, broken ball bearings. Also the clumsy construction results in difficulties transporting the wheels in the helicopter.

In short, a real pain in the ass!!

This annoyance was the initial motivation to start designing and constructing quality helicopter ground handling wheels for ROBINSON, GUIMBAL and HUGHES/MD500 helicopters: light, strong, no margins, handy and still stylish!