HUGHES/MD500 – Products

For any question about the safety lock I have attached some pictures, there you can see that the positive ridge from the skid pin part is machined negative in the aluminium skid part.

The weight from the helicopter which is leaning on the aluminium skid part will assure that the complete assembly is locked ( positive into negative) on the two skid pin parts, uncomplicated and secured!

In this way I have also archived that the connection is 100 % that means that not only a partial section of the pin length will carry the weight (contrary to the original MD wheels assembly) but the whole pin length is carrying the weight.

The picture below shows clearly that the safety lock from the original MD wheels has play!! which will be exchanged (while moving the helicopter) to play in the two connections between the skid pins and the yellow aluminium part.

That will certainly contribute that the skid pin will break because the weight from the helicopter is not equally divided over the complete length from both pins!!